The Brainwave Attunements, for health, wellbeing and mental peace

The Brainwave Attunements, mastering your brain activities

Brainwave Attunements, brain activity and state of consciousness

With the Brainwave Attunements you can influence the activity of your brains, and therefore your state of consciousness. Brainwaves are caused by the activity of the brain cells. These provide electrical signals. And in that way the nervous system ensures that the various parts of the body can communicate with each other. So all kinds of tasks will be carried out.

It also makes sure that there is a feedback, so that our body processes can be controlled and optimized. This brain activity can be detected by medical equipment such as an EEG, which will show the brain frequency in Hertz (Hz) per second. What you really see is how much work the brain cells are doing at that time. And how stressful it will feel in someone’s head at that moment.

Five types of brainwaves

The brainwaves can be divided into a number of types, in order to differentiate between the times when the brain is more or less active. Usually they are divided into 5 types with about these frequencies:

Brainwaves Brainwave Frequency in Herz (Hz)
Gamma Brainwaves 40-100 Herz
Beta Brainwaves 14-40 Herz
Apha Brainwaves 7-14 Herz
Theta Brainwaves 4-7 Herz
Delta Brainwaves 0-4 Herz

The brain frequencies we use in this list run from high to low. Gamma has the highest frequency, Delta the lowest one. In a display of brainwaves you will see that Delta looks much more relaxed than Gamma. Nevertheless Beta is the consciousness state with the highest amount of stress. Although Gamma has the highest amount of brainwaves per second, it has a lower amplitude. Meaning: it hasn’t such high peaks as Beta. And is less edgy. Gamma Brainwaves feels intense, but without the stress of Beta.

The dominating brainwaves determine how you feel

Brainwaves usually appear as a mix. The brainwaves that are dominant determine your state of consciousness. You could imagine a mixing console with five sliders: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The slider that is moved up the most, is the kind of brainwaves that are dominating. And that’s a reflection of your state of consciousness at that moment. This shows how you feel in your mind and what kind of activities you currently are capable of doing.

The state of consciousness associated with your brain activity makes that some activities will be easy and other activities will be very difficult to carry out. Beta Brainwaves for example are totally unsuitable to meditate. Delta Brainwaves on the other hand aren’t suited at all to have a fight with someone. You then just don’t feel like it.

Changing your consciousness state with the Brainwave Attunements

Brainwaves not only tell the state of our mind. They also show us how we react on the outer world, and what that means for our inner world. We have a reaction pattern that often grew unconsciously and through the years. But the good thing is: we don’t have to stand by helplessly when it isn’t to our liking. With the Brainwave Attunements you can actively change your state of mind the way you like. For instance helping your health, wellbeing and for achieving mental relaxation.

The Brainwave Attunements: Gamma, Alpha, Theta and Delta

On you can find the 4 healthy brainwaves. The Beta Brainwaves give much stress, and we have enough of that already. So it’s obvious why I don’t offer them here. The Gamma Brainwaves are very suited to get balanced and for peak performances. The Alpha Brainwaves make you focused and help you to work relaxed yet effective. The Theta Brainwaves are very good to meditate and release stress. The Delta Brainwaves finally are the most relaxing brainwaves, for deep meditation and to do spiritual exercises. In short, the Brainwave Attunements offers you many advantages.

The 3 that match best, Alpha, Theta and Delta, you can also buy in the Brainwave Package. Gamma Brainwaves feels and works quit a bit different. And is therefore only sold separately.

Gamma Brainwaves

Alpha Brainwaves

Theta Brainwaves

Delta Brainwaves

Brainwave Package

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