The Feel Good Attunements, for a good and spiritual life

The Feel Good Attunements: feeling fine and enjoying your life

The Feel Good Attunements: Spiritual Wellness

With the Feel Good Attunements you have a group of Attunements to help you feel good in several ways. To be in good shape, to be relaxed, to feel fine. In short, to have a good life. Attunements that make you feel good about who you are, what you do, and how you experience the world.

The Feel Good Attunements help you to have good experiences too. Not only physically, but also to take care of your mind and soul. The Feel Good Attunements are about Well-being, Health and a Good Life. They connect feeling well with spirituality. You could call it Spiritual Wellness. This group of attunements can contribute to a pleasant life in which all of your aspects can flourish. Your physical as well as your spiritual aspects. Because feeling good always has a positive effect on your spiritual life.

Harmony and Feeling Good

An important component of feeling good is harmony. Well-being without harmony isn’t really possible. Because disharmony in several ways affects the way you feel. Like disharmony in your body: diseases and ailments. Or just not feeling comfortable and at ease. Disharmony in relations: always quarrels and conflicts, and living in a hostile atmosphere, won’t do you any good. The same as your emotions that aren’t in harmony or having energy problems.

Harmony within yourself and being in harmony with your surroundings, is really important for feelings of comfort and well-being. Harmony is a prerequisite for a good life. Some of the Feel Good Attunements have the word Harmony in their name. Because they bring harmony in this area. And in this way promote your welfare and well-being. Like Emotional Harmony and Energetic Harmony.

Several things that most of us consider to be important

Feeling well, being at ease, having a nice life … For many people this is very important. A good health may be a prerequisite, very important for a good life. But having no health problems does not automatically mean you are feeling fine. How, because of what and with what you feel fine, can be very individually. And might change from time to time. But many people have quite a number of things that most consider to be very enjoyable.

Like experiencing little stress. Being respected and feeling a welcome part of your social group. Feeling loved. From time to time being touched with love and being pampered. Just as feeling free and being able to do what has your interest, and gives you satisfaction. Also important: being able to express your soul, your needs, your passions, your sexuality, your emotions and feelings. Then you experience Feel Good, only then you can really enjoy your life.

The Feel Good Attunements, for body, mind and soul

An important goal of my attunements, also the Feel Good Attunements, is letting your spirituality flourish. And for that a number of basic conditions are needed, that will reduce stress. The better body, soul and mind work together and reinforce each other, the better you feel about yourself. And the more satisfaction and happiness you will experience.

The attunements in this group all have some kind of feel good in it. In terms of your energy or your emotions. To make dealing with other people a better experience (Aura Harmony). To feel yourself loved and to approach others with love (Beloved and In Love). Attunements that very well fit with people that find both Wellness and Spirituality important. Suitable for romantics and those who want to stay young in body and mind.

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Aura Harmony

Beloved and In Love

Dolphin Spirit

Emotional Harmony

Energetic Harmony

Nervous System Harmony

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