The Chakra Attunements, when healing and developing of your chakras is important

The Chakra Attunements, for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing

Develop your chakras, with the Chakra Attunements

The Chakra Attunements help an important part of our energy system to open, develop and cleanse of blockades. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means wheel or disk of light. In a three-dimensional view, it is more a vortex or swirl of light energy. A rapidly rotating tornado absorbing or emitting energy.

Chakras are energy centers and energy transformers, and a connecting and therefore essential part of our energy system. They bring the energy in the right vibration or frequency. And then divide that over a body area to keep it healthy and vital. The chakras are connected to the aura and thus with the outside world. They transmit the energy received from the aura to the finer energy channels in our body, the meridians and nadis. It is important to make and keep your chakras healthy. The Chakra Attunements were made for that.

A tower of seven chakras, connected by the kundalini

There are seven main chakras and many secondary chakras. The main chakras form a vertical tower of seven stores, in increasing energy frequencies. Chakra 1 takes in energy from the earth, and gives excess energy back to the earth to be cleansed. Chakra 7 has an energy exchange with the universe and the higher dimensions. These two chakras are the top and bottom of each other.

In this vertical system the intermediate chakras have a horizontal position. Where they have a front that absorbs energy, and a back that emits energy. These chakras 2-6 horizontally cross the kundalini, the light channel that runs through the spine and provides the chakras with energy (life force, prana, chi). In this way the kundalini and the chakras are inextricably linked. Together they ensure that all our physical and spiritual aspects are provided with life force or prana.

Chakra Flowers, symbol for the blossoming of the qualities of life

Chakras are often compared to a lotus flower. You could say that we as an embodied soul are rooted in the earth to bloom in heaven. That all chakras are flowers that are more or less open. And represent the bringing to fruition of certain life areas and qualities of life. Chakras are the developing stages and levels of consciousness, ranging from complete physical to complete spiritual. Where each level represents a separate chakra. Also, every chakra is connected to an endocrine system.

The chakra system is a rainbow of colors, effects, and potentials. And has similarities with gems, scents and sounds. Chakras expand the possibilities with which you as a baby start ever further. Just as the awareness of what you are, and what attitude you want to adopt towards this world. With the Chakra Attunements this becomes more natural and easy.

Chakras and our emotional, psychological and spiritual development

So chakras are symbolic flowers that are more or less open. The more open, the more susceptible you are to the energies associated with that chakra. And the more development and opportunities that chakra will give you. However, this must be in harmony with your physical state and spiritual development. Too closed chakras make you sick and prevent spiritual development. Too open chakras can be overwhelming (HSPs) and can cause physical, emotional and psychological complaints. The opening of the chakras should therefore comply with your spiritual growth process.

This process begins at birth in the basic chakra, and rises during your childhood ever further up to the Crown Chakra. In your adult life this process begins to deepen more and more. Depending on the experiences you gain, and on your consciousness development and spiritual energy work. The Chakra Attunements help you with your emotional, psychological and spiritual development. Something that can be a valuable support for many people.

The Chakra Attunements, for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing

The Chakra Attunements help to open the chakras, balance and harmonize them and free them of blockades. Chakras can feel like a ball of energy at a certain height, energetically spreading from there in a more subtle way. The better felt, the more open they are and the more blockades are dissolving. Chakras are indispensable for healing and spirituality. They work as prevention of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Also in the long run.

The texts of the Chakra Attunements 1-7 describe each chakra. The tables show the most important information of each chakra. You then know the working of the chakra, and for what complaints or purposes you can use this Chakra Attunement. All chakras are basically equally important. Therefore it is valuable to work with all chakras, to do all Chakra Attunements. The single Chakra Attunements or the more attractively priced Chakra Package. When you are looking for a cheaper, but a little less thorough option, choose Chakra Harmony.

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