Attunement Packages, the good way of working on your spiritual life


Attunement Packages: attunements that belong together

Besides single attunements there are also Attunement Packages. The Attunement Packages come in two forms. First of all, a package can be composed of attunements that belong together, which form a group of the same sort of attunements. As is the case with the Chakra Package: all main chakras 1-7. Complemented with the valuable attunement Chakra Harmony, the attunement for the small chakras, which also harmonizes the entire chakra system. This also applies to the Healing Creation Package: Healing Thoughts, Healing Words and Healing Actions. And the Brainwave Package that consists of Gamma Brainwaves, Alpha Brainwaves, Theta Brainwaves and Delta Brainwaves. So packages that consist of attunements that are related to each other.

Attunement Packages for a specific spiritual goal

In addition, a package can also serve a specific spiritual purpose. Attunement Packages with a specific spiritual purpose are for example the Higher Self Package. This package serves directly your spiritual growth. The Higher Self Package is meant to make the upmost important connection with your Higher Self possible and easier. So important for our growth toward the Fifth Dimension.

The Spiritual Package is intended for spiritual growth as well. But this package is especially to remove blockages that prevent our spiritual growth. And likewise for reducing or transforming other things that make ascension difficult. Another package with a specific purpose is the HSP Package. This package helps HSPs, highly sensitive people, to deal more easily with their high sensitivity. This helps to soften and reduce many physical, energetic and emotional complaints of sensitive people.

Package Benefits

You can of course order all the attunements of a package separately. Then you pay the normal price of 29 Euro per attunement. However, if you order the same attunements as Attunement Package, then a reduced price will apply and you will receive these attunements with a package discount. See the table for the number of packages, the regular price and the attractive package price.

Information about ordering the Attunement Packages

  • After the order I will contact you by email and in mutual consultation we will arrange the appointments for the attunements.
  • The attunements of a package are paid by you. However, they do not expire within a certain time. Simply make the appointments at your own pace, in the way that feels best for you.
  • Have you previously done ​​one of the attunements of a package, then you may, after consultation, replace it by another attunement of your choice. So you don’t have to receive one you already paid for.
  • As with the regular attunements, you will also receive a free Attunement Guide with all the Attunement Packages. This contains the short and long descriptions of each individual attunement. You will also find a number of tips on how to use this attunement. So that you know how, when, and for what purpose you can use this attunement. Because besides receiving an attunement, you can let this spiritual energy flow every time you like. So you can give yourself an energy update at any desired moment.
  • This Attunement Guide is a small but beautiful reference work, useful for occasional consultation.

Overview of the Attunement Packages

Brainwave Package 3 Attunements 87 Euro   69 Euro
Chakra Package 8 Attunements 232 Euro 185 Euro
Healing Creation Package 3 Attunements   87 Euro   69 Euro
Higher Self Package 5 Attunements 145 Euro 116 Euro
HSP Package 5 Attunements 145 Euro 116 Euro
Spiritual Package 5 Attunements 145 Euro 116 Euro

Brainwave Package

Chakra Package

Healing Creation Package

Higher Self Package

HSP Package

Spiritual Package

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