Feel Good Attunements

The Feel Good Attunements, for a good and spiritual life

The Feel Good Attunements: feeling fine and enjoying your life The positive effects of feeling well The Feel Good Attunements are a group of Attunements to help you feel good in several ways. To be in good shape, to feel fine, to have a good life. Attunements that make you feel good about who you …

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Chakra Attunements

The Chakra Attunements, when healing and developing of your chakras is important

The Chakra Attunements, for Chakra Healing and Chakra Balancing Chakras, energy centers and energy transformators The Chakra Attunements help to open, develop and cleanse of blockades an important part of our energy system. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means wheel or disk of light. In a three-dimensional view, it is more …

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Attunement Packages

Attunement Packages, the good way of working on your spiritual life

ATTUNEMENT PACKAGES: INVESTING IN YOUR SELF, WORKING ON YOUR SELF Attunement Packages consisting of attunements that belong together Besides single attunements there are also Attunement Packages. The Attunement Packages come in two forms. First of all, a package can be composed of attunements that belong together, which form a group of the same sort of …

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