Source Attunements

The Source Attunements, for anyone who likes coming Home

The source as the basis of all good things

The Source Attunements are something very special, but feel at the same time very familiar. All of us emerged from The Source. The Source is often referred to with names such as God, Allah, Brahma, Yahweh, Jehovah. Or with more neutral terms as the Creator, Essence, Unity, the Primal Power, Life or All That Is. The Source is the basis of all that is good. What comes from The Source is pure, sparkling with vitality, beauty and creativity. The Source therefore is also called our Power Source or Energy Source. The Source Attunements are these separate energies, that not only feel divine, the energies of the Source are divine. The Source is the basis of all love and creativity, of all beauty and abundance. Of everything you can imagine as being valuable, lovely and beautiful. And the Source likes to donate generously to every willing heart.

Divine Energies: the Source Attunements

The connection with the Source or Essence means drawing from the Unity. It makes that you have full access again to what deep in you is already there. But where you often lost a good contact with. Sometimes you don’t have a certain divine energy at your disposal anymore. At least not in its original, pure form. For living on earth and at the same time keeping the connection with the Source pure is a heaven of a job. Many will therefore want to restore the connection with different Source Energies. So that you can reconnect completely with that purity again, and fully let them come in. Removing all kinds of blockages. In order to replace them with the Unity Energies, that the Source Attunements are.

How do you like to be, how do you like to experience yourself

An important question to ask yourself often is: What does my soul like to show from itself. How do I, as a soul and a personality, like to be. What do I like to experience, what do I like to create. In addition, you might ask yourself: what quality of my soul would I like to integrate more into my life now. What quality do I want to live more, which beautiful Source Energy do I want to be more. The Source Attunements make it possible to get in an easy way access to very positive and valuable energies. The Source Attunements also make you feel good and make life easier and better. You can use them at any time when you would like to be more your Self. Or to express your Self in a better way.

Coming Home to Yourself, reconnecting with the Source

Purity, Beauty, Authenticity and Naturalness are some of the keywords that apply to the Source Attunements. That what you are thinking of when you mean coming Home. Because the Source is our Home. It is the place where we come from, and the place where we will return to. Here you feel Home, and here you have the feeling that life is beautiful, and worth living. The Source makes you feel young and enthusiastic about who you are and all that is possible. Because at Home all is One, all is fresh, all is delightful. It is of course important to restore the connection to the Source, to reconnect with the Source. The Source Attunements were created for this purpose.

The Source Attunements: having a wonderful bath in the Source

In the Source you can have a delightful bath. And the Source Attunements form a bath of a certain aspect of our soul, of the Divine World. An aspect that could deserve a little more attention. That you would like to integrate more into your life. Maybe you would like to radiate some more Love. Or your Trust has been damaged by less pleasant experiences. Maybe you are not always very happy with yourself, and with your life. If you walk around more often with a certain undefinable dissatisfaction, then Source of Peace could do you very good. Or maybe you would like to be a little more positive in life. Surely in these Source Attunements you can find some beautiful and valuable ones that can help you. These heavenly energies are warmly recommended.

Source of Beauty

Source of Happiness

Source of Joy

Source of Love

Source of Peace

Source of Positivity

Source of Power

Source of Trust

Source of Wealth